Your seed treatment
process, start to finish.

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Treating Seed


Print Invoices

Professional, consistent, and tailored specifically for seed treatment. These invoices can be generated manually, or automatically, based on what you've treated.

Issue credits, refunds, discounts, and record payments. Use reports to track all of these things across your customer base.

Track Treatments - By product, for every customer.

Treatment Keeper works on any device with internet access, so grab a tablet and head to the warehouse.

Record what you did every time your treater is shutting down, and you'll have:

  • Invoices that are ready to print.
  • Logging completed.
  • Progress tracking already done - even when there hasn't been rain for 2 weeks.

All internet based, and available in the office, as well as the warehouse.

Box Labels

Refill boxes? Print out box labels to keep track of groups of boxes in your warehouse.

Box labels include customer name, box number, treatment date, and treatment. They slide in right behind the typical seed product label, and are visible from a forklift.

Load Sheets

Deliver in bulk? Print out loadsheets detailing quantity, treatment, customer, and date. Attach to load, along with seed label.

Stress Free Audits

Instead of scrambling for treatment logs when the regulatory authorities stop in, you know just where they are.

Logs are kept in real-time, and detail how much of which product you treated, with what chemicals, and for whom.

Print these out whenever you need them.

Track your treatment progress

Monitor various metrics throughout the season. New reports are currently in the works - everything from a general overview of how many beans you've treated thus far, to tracking of overage/underage in terms of treatment application.