Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Treatment Keeper cost and what do I get?

Treatment Keeper offers two different packages: Basic ($150/year) , and Advanced ($250/year).

The Basic package gives you the ability to track units treated, generate invoices, track payments.

The Advanced packages gives you everything in the basic package, plus the ability to track your chemical applications in detail - thereby generating logs. For example, Farmer Bob received 90 units of BeanX treated with FST, at the rate of 1.845 oz/unit, at 4:05pm on 5/21/2016.

Why two packages? Many of our users have treaters that do a decent job of tracking chemical application data - we wanted to offer a cheaper solution for folks that only want to use the site for unit tracking and invoice generation.

Is Treatment Keeper worth the money?

This platform provides an effcient, accurate way to stay on top of invoices and logs throughout the season. Something to consider...

How much is your time worth?


At $250/year, if Treatment Keeper saves you it is worth it (argument sound familiar?). Plus, hopefully it adds value beyond time savings.

What happens if I buy with time still remaining on my account?

Purchasing a subscription is an additive process. For example, if you have 25 days left on your trial and you buy a year subscription, you will have a minimum of 25+365 = 390 days left on your account.

What happens when a subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, you will still be able to access your customer data. Specifically, you will be able to access any invoice data you have entered, in addition to your basic treatment log. Other reports, and all editing will be restricted.

Does this require special equipment?

Currently all you need is an internet-connected device. An iPad (or other tablet) is ideal, but a computer would work fine as well. Every time your treater goes into shutdown mode, simply take a second and record what you've done.

We have an iPad next to our treater, with a bluetooth keyboard, and a small printer (so that we can print box labels in the warehouse).

Can I enter information in the warehouse and look at it in the office?

Yes! That is precisely how Treatment Keeper is designed. In our warehouse we keep an iPad (connected to wi-fi) and a small printer. These are right next to the seed treater. Every time the treater shuts down, we enter in the record for what we did. When we head back to the office the invoices are ready to print and send.

Is this a replacement for my seed invoicing system?

Treatment Keeper is completely seed-treatment centric and has no ties to your seed invoicing system. Treatment orders may be slightly different than the same customer's seed order. This is simply a tool designed to aid in tracking the seed treatment component of your business.